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About US

About Us

We, Expoview are the one of the leading companies in exhibition and event field in Korea.


We are offering all imaginable services from the first planning and rough sketch to final handing-over

as a producer, takes on complete project management.



Many people have very specific ideas about what makes a perfect event. and Expoview has what it takes to turn these ideas into reality. Expoview the perfect ambience for every event is just a phone call away.

Expoview is ready for anything what client wants and gives special satisfaction, Expoview provides you perfect flexible space, no matter where and no matter when, Expoview Event Team, supplies you the perfect framework for making the most of every event to provide the right space as quickly as possible.

Successful meetings don't just happen. They are made to happen. That's why Expoview offers so many first-rate services to reach your satisfaction.

We succeed by helping you succeed.






Gwangpyung-Ro 280, Gangnam - gu, Seoul, Korea  

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Tel:  82-2-3413-3730,3731

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